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We offer the following in-office procedures:

Ultrasound Testing
EchoCardiogram is a test in which Ultrasound technology is used to examine the heart. This test gives a picture of a beating heart and will show chambers, valves and major blood vessels that exit the heart.

We also offer General Ultrasound screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Carotid Artery screening and Arterial and Venous Doppler Ultrasound. Dr. Vybiral examines and interprets each Ultrasound Test for correct diagnosis. Echocardiography is extremely safe and non-invasive.

Stress Testing
Stress Echocardiograms involve a resting Echocardiogram, Excercise Stress testing on a treadmill combined with an EKG test, and then a Post Exercise Echocardiogram. Patients with coronary artery blockages may have minimal or no symptoms during rest, however symptoms and signs of heart disease may be unmasked by exposing the heart to the stress of exercise. If a patient is unable to walk on a treadmill a chemical stress test may be done instead.

We also offer the regular Exercise Stress test that does not include the echocardiographic imaging.

Dr. Vybiral reviews and interprets all stress testing for each patient.

Nuclear Testing
A Nuclear Isotope Stress test is an analysis of the heart (taken by a scanning camera) which can help identify the location, severity and extent of reduced blood flow to the heart. The patient is given an isotope through an IV, images are made at rest, a treadmill stress test is performed (or a chemical stress test is used) to elevate the heart rate and more images are made. This procedure has minimal risk and the isotope treadmill stress test is capable of diagnosing important disease of the heart. Dr. Vybiral examines and interprets each test and may recommend further testing.

Other tests offered by Dr. Vybiral include:  Holter Moniters, Event Recorders and Pacemaker Clinics or Online Pacemaker Checks.